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We will be at the 2016 PRI show in Indy - Dec 8-10

Check us out - Booth #4845


You will also find us at SEMA in Las Vegas on Nov. 1st!

L&T Racing Clutches, under the leadership of owner John Fiorini, is pleased to carry on the tradition of L & T Performance Products.   L &T Racing Clutches has acquired the assets from L&T Performance Products and is manufacturing clutch assemblies for drag racers from Comp to Top Fuel.  John along with precision machining company, JB Precision, Mike Pavia and a team of engineers are producing clutch units that offer many enhancements in the lever and cover areas providing more consistent application of the clutch and greater plate load. 

L&T Clutches is more than just clutches. We are a full service machine shop and will soon be a Speed City dealer.

We are also in middle of having our own clutch disc's made. We will have a limited supply and only a couple of sizes to start but we will be adding to that as time goes on.

Increased stiffness in the cover allows for less flexing. Fully floating posts and lever pins with better counterweight position allows for increased plate load as the lever advances in travel.  This combination offers you the most performance from your clutch assembly. 

L&T Racing Clutches are offered in a wide variety of material combinations to fit your unique needs and budgets.  Titanium or aluminum pressure plates, steel alloy or titanium posts, normal or light steel facings are just a few of the options available.

L&T Racing Clutches is ready to serve your clutch needs with outstanding product and customer service.  Call us today to discuss your clutch needs. 

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Hi John, Now we got the clutch and we have never seen such a well-worked and fine clutch. Thank you for all the help.
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